"I would just like to say that after several years of buying cats and dealing with many different breeders, Heather is one of the best I have come in contact with!

Heather spent hours talking with me both through e-mail and on the phone. She was very friendly and professional throughout the months I worked with her. She promised me two top quality breeding/show cats, not only was I satisfied with both cats, they both far exceeded my expectations!

Both cats arrived to me after a long, hard, five day trip from Australia to Minnesota, in perfect health and temperament! Once home with me, they adjusted immediately and fit right into our family! These two cats are just wonderful! They are extremely well socialized and both have very calm, steady personalities. They are
just beautiful! My vet, upon inspecting them, was very impressed with their calm, happy dispositions and friendliness. They have remained this way since. Anyone considering buying a Bengal from Heather is free to contact me, I have only good to say about both Heather and her cats!


Jean Danforth
Baako Bengals
"Our Little Leopards"


"Thank you Heather for our darling “Jagsun King of Kumar”!
He’s a healthy, intelligent and very affectionate boy and has become a much loved member of our family. As a matter of fact we’re so impressed that when it’s time for the next feline addition to the household we will look no further than Jagsun. A credit to you for producing such high quality kittens that not only look absolutely stunning, but have the temperament to match!”

I thought I’d better hunt around the house a take a quick 8 month old
photo of the “King” for you to smile at. Found him out in the cat run sunning himself. Hope you like it!

Have a great Christmas!

Rita Weisse.


"Ever since I’ve met you Heather you have gone out of your way to help match me with my own little lifetime companion, my Bengal! I fell in love with the kittens that I saw on your website, and since then have fallen
in love with the spotted lil’ creatures.

I admire the work you do, and congratulate you on breeding Australia’s finest Bengals. I have had my Bengal Jagsun Just Ace for 5 months, and he is blessed with a loving, affectionate and playful nature, that I am sure comes from generations of Jagsun breeding. Just one Bengal is handful enough for one person, so you have a lot of energy and drive to do what you do. So I just want to say thank you for all your help and for my beautiful Ace. Keep up the fabulous work and keep spreading the Bengal fever around the world!"

Shay Coulthard



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